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The van Gemmeren

Research Lab

The van Gemmeren Group on Catalyst Controlled Selective Transformations and Ligand Design... a young research group studying catalysis located at the Otto Diels Institute for Organic Chemistry at Kiel University (CAU) (for a detailed description of our research interests see the Research tab). Until April 2022 our group was active at the University of Münster, where it has been supported by the Max Planck Society through an Otto Hahn Award (2015) and was affiliated with the Max-Planck-Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion until April 2020. Since then the van Gemmeren Lab is funded through the Emmy Noether Programme of the DFG. Recently, the van Gemmeren Lab has been awarded the ERC Starting Grant 2020.

We are a team of highly qualified and motivated scientists and are looking for new group members to join us!

Working in the van Gemmeren group means being part of an international, diverse team where we support each other and have been profiting from every members individual background. We learn together and grow together both in- and outside of the lab!

Importantly: We strive to support diversity, equity, and inclusion! We are aware that members of underrepresented groups have to overcome many individual hurdles. We will consider this, provide an inclusive working environment, and will offer support wherever possible (in addition to the strong support towards diversity, equity, and inclusion offered by the CAU). 

For students of the CAU, suitable projects for Bachelor and Master theses are available. If you are interested in this just contact Manuel by E-Mail or pass by in person. 

Highly qualified and motivated candidates from inside and outside the CAU interested in joining the group for their doctoral or post-doctoral studies are highly welcome to send their applications directly to Manuel (the availability of funded positions may vary, but all suitable candidates will receive strong support in their applications for external funding if necessary).

IMPORTANT: We currently have funded positions for doctoral positions and postdocs available. The advertisements can be found here:

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